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Vedant Pandit, PT, DPT, MS


Vedant Pandit registered physical therapist in the USA. He is currently practicing physical therapy in the state of New Jersey, born and raised in Ahmedabad, India. Vedant earned his bachelor of physical therapy from India, a master of science in exercise physiology, and a doctorate in physical therapy from the USA. After receiving his physical therapy license, he moved to New York for an internship in the Bronx care hospital. In the same hospital, he worked as a physical therapist for three years before moving to New Jersey. The idea of VediKh care originated at the time of his internship in India. He encountered people waiting to be seen for the longest time at first hand in the civil hospital Ahmedabad. Realizing that the demand and supply ratio in the medical field wasn’t as required, it wasn’t scaled to meet the needs of underprivileged people who need it the most. Moreover, he came up with an idea for free virtual health assistance (something pandemic made it feasible) for the people who do not have enough resources and opportunities. This is not new for him as he has been helping family and friends regarding health literacy; he always wanted to expand this idea. His biggest dream, VediKh care, is up and running for underprivileged households and disadvantaged individuals.

Khushali Trivedi PT, DPT, MS, Ph.D. Scholar


Khushali Trivedi, born and raised in India, has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from India, a master’s in exercise physiology, and a doctorate in physical therapy from the USA. She is currently doing her Ph.D. in physical therapy, focusing on women’s health. Khushali has a keen interest in treating women’s health issues; and works in New Jersey as a physical therapist. She has always believed health care should be available equally to everyone regardless of gender, race, and economic or social status. She is here to share her expertise to make every girl or woman aware of physiological changes at various ages and help anyone who doesn’t have resources to get healthcare assistance in the best possible way.


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